Why carry out a workplace assessment?

Carrying out an assessment is the best way to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees and also for any visitors. It is the most effective way of making sure that your business complies with the health and safety laws and regulations, before any irregularities are found, which could entail fines for your business.

Why do I need MyOH to do this for me?

Our years-long experience in cities such as Cambridge and Bedford has shown that it is better to have an external assessor carrying out the assessment, as it becomes easier to notice hazards and risks that internal assessors may not have seen, perhaps due to being used to working with them on a daily basis.

What does it involve?

We survey your workplace and speak with employees about their different roles and their concerns, while looking for anything that could potentially cause them harm. Bare in mind that anything that can harm employees could also harm any visitors or third-parties. A comprehensive checklist is completed and a series of tips are written in order to reduce or eliminate the existing hazards, for a risk assessment is only effective if there is a commitment from the part of the business when it comes to improving the existing workplace conditions.

Examples of areas included in the assessment

  • COSHH:assessment of all chemicals which are potentially harmful to the health of your employees, such as body paints for cars or treatments used by beauticians.
  • The potential for slips, trips or falls, especially in food preparation areas or hair salons.
  • Manual handling: at MyOH we train employees such as teachers in a school so that they are aware of the best ways of carrying loads (eg. books) from one classroom to another.
  • Butcher’s shops, where employees are trained in using mechanical equipment safely and confidently.
  • Assessment of the accident book in order to understand and overcome any past incidents.
  • Work-related violence.