Dealing with an employee who is on sick leave can be very difficult at times, for short-term absence – 5 days or less – can easily spiral into long-term sick leave. The root cause of sick leave might well be a problem at work which is causing the illness to aggravate; it is thus essential to tackle the problem immediately to ensure that the affected employee can return to his or her workplace as soon as possible.

How can MyOH assist me in helping employees back to work?

At My Occupational Health, we are very aware of the fact that questioning an employee about their health can be an uncomfortable experience for both manager and employee. On the one hand, managers can be unsure about the suitability of discussing the return date of the employee. The employee, for their part, might feel vulnerable if it comes to disclosing their medical history to their manager. MyOH are specialists in sickness absence: a telephone call on time can prevent this circumstance from becoming a long-term problem.

Based on our experience of workplace dynamics, psychology, communication and medical conditions throughout MyOH’s skillful and focused approach results in a high number of employees returning to work.

MyOH can liaise with both manager and employee to develop and agree a realistic return-to-work plan for the employee through challenges and goals that are easy to fulfil for both parties. Likewise, we report back regularly to the employer about the progress made with every particular case, for we are aware that each employee requires personal attention.