Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for women; for employers it can be a period of uncertainty. Not knowing what their obligations are and what they can expect from their pregnant employee whilst still managing to keep up with the workload can lead to tense circumstances, especially for small businesses where specific duties cannot be easily transferred to other work colleagues.

MyOH understands the need for expert management of such situations: that is precisely what MyOH is commited to delivering to the businesses it works with.

It is worth noting that, in most workplaces, our advice will entail very few changes to the work environment or routine, but it is wise to clarify and document every aspect of a maternal leave beforehand.

What can MyOH do to assist me with a pregnant employee?

We can offer expert advice when it comes to:

  • Assessing the risks of the workplace and setting realistic plans and modifications for pregnant women. Such risks may include excess travelling, continuous standing, constant sitting, work within confined spaces, manual handling, shocks or vibrations, lone working or high levels of stress.
  • Advising on specific laws that require that the employers consider and protect the health and welfare of the new and expectant mothers.
  • Clarifying legal duties and obligations around new and expectant mothers.