Practically any job involves everyday lifting and handling of loads of varying weight. Most of the time, both employers and employees overlook the risks of lifting, as well as the damage it could do to our health.

After years working in the areas surrounding Bedford, Cambridge and North London, MyOH has become increasingly aware of the fact that poor techniques of manual handling are the most common cause of injury at work. Injuries to the back, shoulders, neck, hand, arms and feet mostly result from moving heavy loads in restricted spaces, or carrying them up or down stairs.

In general, 41 out of every 100 workers experiencing injury at work will have been harmed while handling goods or materials. In the majority of cases the cause of injury can be traced back to poor handling and lifting techniques.

What can I do as an employer to ensure my employees are not injured by manual handling?

In order to make sure you comply with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) MyOH can start by carrying out a risk assessment of all lifting and handling carried out in your workplace. After that, we can provide training to your employees to ensure they have the knowledge that enables them to assess any lifting and handling task they may come across. This will reduce the instance of musculoskeletal injury in your workplace.