My Occupational Health (MyOH)

Occupational health is important for a number of reasons — moral, legal and financial. These factors will always affect your business in the long run: this is precisely what led nurse and occupational health advisor Ann Askey to found MyOH in 1995. Initially, Ann’s goal was to meet the occupational health needs of clients she knew at the time, whose businesses were expanding in number and acquiring new premises.

MyOH has since grown to be a thorough organisation that works rigorously and thoughtfully alongside their clients in order to identify, prevent and ultimately eliminate all work-related causes of illness or accident at work.

The aims of My Occupational Health are:

  • To clarify the notion of “occupational health”.
  • To advise and help clients to maximise the productivity of their staff.
  • To promote wellness by ensuring that workplaces are safe environments to work in.
  • To facilitate the swift return to work of an absent employee.

These aims are always achieved through flexible initiatives which ensure that costs to the employer are kept to a minimum. Ann works across London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Ann Askey - Director

Ann Askey - Director

Ann Askey is a highly-qualified and extremely experienced professional in the field of occupational health. She gained a First-Class Honours degree in Occupational Health at Manchester Metropolitan University before being awarded a placement in Finland, where she was given the opportunity to explore the Finnish occupational health model, a world-leading initiative that provides a multidisciplinary approach to the needs of all businesses.

Alongside her professional commitments, Ann has continued to help private businesses in a wide variety of industries. Over the course of her years-long career, she has been trained by, and has worked alongside, a number of the world’s leading experts in crucial areas of occupational health, including post-traumatic stress disorder, back pain and sickness absence management.

All in all, Ann loves to work with employers passionate about their staff and their wellbeing.

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