Apparently some companies are still carrying out pre-employment screening – asking job applicants whether or not they have a health condition or disability at the point of recruitment. The Employment Act 2010 is not straight forward as some questions can be asked, but others definitely not, and if you have not made it clear why you are asking certain questions then you are on very tricky ground. Don’t let this situation happen to you – ask for our advice on how to navigate your way through the health issues of new employees.

Absence management – every business owners reason for a sleepless night?! Cost vs Care? What can i ask of that employee? What can i do for that employee? What are the boundaries / guidelines? Just ask MyOH – we really are experts at absence management!

New estimates are that over 600,000 British construction workers could be at risk of developing hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). 300,000 already have advanced symptoms. Costly absences and claims can be avoided by employers monitoring and managing exposure.